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TU MADRE | Caballo negro

Caballo negro at Rockdelux

Caballo negro is an invasion: a journey from the earth to the outer space or from the outer space to the earth. It is a pagan ritual of three telluric goddesses or the enchantment of the three weird witches. It is a homage to industrialization and to ballet. It is animal, human, alien and terrestrial. It is a soviet movie in green and white or a Catalan film in Ukrainian.

Caballo negro is a video based on the homonymous song by Spanish punk band Tu Madre. It was shot in Hostalric on July 2013 and it was directed by Tuixén Benet, photographed by Pau Castejón and produced by Oriol Caba. It is intended as a music video for a vanished band, but it is too pop to be a video dance. The video’s starting point is the ending of the director’s graduation choreography project: Projecte Final.

Caballo negro is a simple choreography of three girls pretending to be horses at a midsummer night in the middle of the woods.

Director: Tuixén Benet
Produced by: Les Filles Föllen
In association with: El tigre de Cibèria
Producer: Oriol Caba
DP: Pau Castejón
Editor: Ari Ribas
Color Correction: Marc Morató at Metropolitana
1st AC: Claudio Frola
2nd AC: Manu Ruiz
Steadycam: Pau Reig
Gaffer: Arnau Mata
Spark: Lluís Maymó, Tomás Muñoz
Stylist: Isis V
Make up: Susi Rodríguez a.k.a. perrukers
PA: Laura Galofré, Marc Mitjà
Camera: Service Vision (Barcelona)

Cast: Àngela Boix, Elena Martínez, Naya Monzón.

Thanks to: Ramon Artemán, Ivan Caparrós, Remei González, Carles Mitjà, Montse Viader, Beatriz Macías, Andrea Just, Les Sueques, Lope Serrano, Margherita Bergamo, Inyaki Bosch, Tatxo Benet, Blanca Cosculluela, Txell Miras.

Shot on: Alexa
Lens: Zeiss HS T1.3, Angeniéux HR Zoom

Caballo negro is a cover by Tu madre of the original song by cuban musician Dámaso Pérez Prado, el Rey del Mambo.


HYPNOLOVE | Come to My Empire

Come to My Empire at 1.4

Directors: Camilla & Marc
Produced by: Forever Pictures
In association with: Corte y Confección
Producer: Sasha Nixon
Line producer: Oriol Caba
Editor: Marc Prades
1st AC: Jose Ligero
Colour: Vic Parker at Prime Focus
Camera: Service Vision (Barcelona)

Cast: Israel Gómez, Emilio Molina, Luisa Villar, Juan Manuel Jiménez 'Jero', Ángel Vilchez, José Olvera 'Chiqui'

Thanks to: Pedro Sara, Iñaki Lacuesta, Moncho Sánchez, Pedro Muñoz 'el Petaca', Peña Flamenca Juan Villar, Cádiz, Vecinos de la Casería, San Fernando, Bar Alegría, San Fernando, Juan Ignacio Calvillo, Jesús Titín, Sesi Bergeret, Kikol Grau, Sofi Pérez-Portabella, Héctor Giró, Gaizko Fanarraga, Clàudia Mallart, Paco García, Germán Olvera (gallito), José Manuel Sevillano 'el Nene', Javier Pavón, Manuel Pérez 'el Perejil', Mercedes Contreras

Special thanks to: Mauro Porta Adam

Shot on: S16mm
Lens: Angenieux 11-110mm


MARCEL·LÍ ANTÚNEZ | El peix Sebastiano

Sebastiano's site / Catalan Films / FB
Official selection Sitges 2012 / Marcel·lí a l'Ara / Marcel·lí a TVC

Patat's wonderful revelation allows Didi to discover that by means of drawing and fantasy she's able to build a world quite different from that which had been laid out for her and she rebels against the stiffling surroundings in order to lead a genuine and fullfilling existence.

Didi goes on to explore the sensuality of nature and the misteries therein in order to find her own identity, yet elusive. A telluric attraction leads her to fish Sebastiano and during their meeting the enigma of life and its meanings arises. At once, Didi and Sebastiano shall unravel it together but later on, each of them will also solve it in their own way.

El peix Sebastiano is the confrontation of an inner world, built by Didi through fantasy and drawing with its external opposite which is beyond her grasp and comprehension.

Director: Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca
Executive producer: Oriol Caba
Producers: Oriol Caba and Abel Garcia Roure
Script: Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca and Oriol Caba
Assistant director: Abel Garcia Roure
DP: Diego Dussuel
OST: Pau Guillamet a.k.a. Guillamino
Edit: Arturo Bastón

Cast: Judit Saula, Jordi Vilches, Agnès Mateus, Oriol Ibáñez, Pau Fort, Aloixe Olabarre, Clàudia Garcia, Fina Solaz, Tuixén Benet, Margherita Bergamo, Ronan ‘Lima’ , Ignacio ‘Amoroso’.

Shot on: Canon 5D Mark II




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